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Steampunk-Styled Wire Wrapped Aventurine Ring - Size 8 1/2 to 9

This ring is made from 22 gauge coated copper wire and an Aventurine gemstone. The stone is finished in a matte state, which gives it a unique, aged look along with the bronze-colored wire.

It fits a size 8 1/2-9. It fits snugly on my pointer fingers whereas my ring fingers are size 6 1/2. This could easily be a good ring for men or women!

The ring is definitely a unique piece, but it is not too large or overly cumbersome like a cocktail ring would be.

A ring like this would be a great accessory to Steampunk, Renaissance costumes or outfits! Though I would personally wear this particular ring all the time, as it isn’t too overly intrusive on other styles as far as color or design. It can be worn as an everyday ring.